Discover 7 Ways To Connect With Your Dog On A Deeper Level And Understand What They Are FEELING!
Discover 7 Ways
To Connect With Your Dog On A Deeper Level And Understand What They Are FEELING!
Better Connected. Better Canine. 

Are you trying to get to the bottom of your dog's increasingly reactive, hyper or Destructive behaviour? 

Are You Trying To Get To The Bottom Of Your Dog's Increasingly Reactive, Hyper Or Destructive Behaviour? 

Or maybe you've noticed that 
your dog is showing signs of anxiety, fear Or depression? 

Or maybe you've 
noticed that your dog 
is showing signs of anxiety, fear and depression? 

Are you spending hours searching for ways to better understand and connect with your dog?

Kachina Canine is here 
to help! 

What if there is another perspective to learn about your dog that you haven't yet discovered?
What Makes 
This Book 
What Makes This Book Different?
I believe that it's time to go beyond what most people are discussing and teaching when it comes to what a dog needs.

If you ask many dog trainers or behaviourists how to alter your dogs undesired behaviours, the most frequent answers would be:

“More training” 
“More exercise” 
“More stimulation” 
But training is just one aspect of what a dog needs and how a dog learns.

Exercise and stimulation are just a temporary fix  or distraction for your dog’s behaviour. 

You need to discover how to connect with your dog on a deeper, more spiritual level to achieve long lasting happiness for both your dog and yourself. 
What Will I Learn?
The truth is, there's not a one-size-fits all approach for dogs. 

What works for one, will not necessarily work for another. 

That's why this download explores how you can understand your dog as an individual. 
Together, we will explore every aspect of your dog’s ecosystem that needs to be nourished, in order for your dog to feel more comfortable, happy and content in itself and its environment.

By the end of this download, you will have everything you need to support your dog: 
  • Emotionally
  • ​Physiologically
  • ​Nutritionally
  • ​Physically 
  • ​Spiritually
You will understand how your dog feels, responds and interacts with life, and how your energy and past experiences could be affecting your dog today. 

By combining science and indigenous wisdom of earth based teachings, we can better the life of dogs and humans. 

If you've tried everything, from training to pet remedy sprays and calming coats then...

It's time to try this. 
Meet The Author

Hi there, Compassionate
Canine Guardians and Professionals! 

My name is Dr. Isla Fishburn - zoologist, conservation biologist, shamanic practitioner and owner of Kachina Canine.

My journey to creating Kachina Canine started  with my love for canine conservation and when my dog, Tunkasila, became unaccepting of other dogs and people. 
This was in part due to some early life experiences that, in her eyes and body, were life threatening; experiences, that her body, her chemistry, her biology and her survival needs would struggle to accept and overcome. 

Intuitively I knew this, but at the time I couldn’t find information that supported what I felt.

So I started carrying out my own research. 
It threw me into an incredible world where I dug out my biochemistry, zoology, ecology and cellular biology books. 

I explored the vibrational aspects of any living being and how, for animals, trauma plays a part in affecting these vibrational states.

So I also began to work on my own vibrational health, anxiety, fears and traumas.
Very quickly, I started to see a difference in my dog. 

When I began to apply the duality of a physical and non- physical framework for my dog, her behaviour and responses changed even more. 

With this, I started to understand my dog on a much deeper level. 

Not just in terms of her vibration but also who she was as an individual physical being and how this also explains, shapes and influences how she lives, functions and feels in her world.

I hope you find my book eye opening, inspiring and have many "aha" moments along the way. 
Speak soon, 
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